Halo 3 movie

2007-10-13 13:04:12 by NinjaGorilla01

i belive you should all go and submit my halo movie to the halo collection


it would only take a second, and would make me INCREDABLY happy, cause none of my movies ever make it into collections

soo pretty please! go submit now!

Updated Steven And Kyle!

2007-07-22 23:13:20 by NinjaGorilla01

i worked today to update the first three steven and kyle episodes, the first episode i put the normal steven and kyle heads, updated the mouth style, edited the audio on it, everything pritty
put new icons on all three, and finally figured out how to make the .gif images look good, so go check them out! tell me what you think of the new and improved episodeds

Sooo... Theres going to be a few new steven and kyle animations our pritty soon :) i know everyones sooo exited

i have two that im working on, the first one could be done by as early as tommorow (7/20) depending if my friend comes thru helping me out on some of the voice acting stuff

and the other, as soon as i can find a girl that will do voice acting for me, grr cant find anyone!

but ya, be watching for them!

New Newgrounds

2007-07-17 20:00:49 by NinjaGorilla01

HAHA! this is great! after 2 days of tourcher and no newgrounds, its finally back online :D

this is great!

i love the new newgrounds, its ALOT better than the old one, and im shur everyone will agree

well im going to have fun finding out what alls new on here :)